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About TuneNet

This is the home of TuneNet, the Multi Format Music Player and Internet Radio Streamer for Amiga OS4.

TuneNet is a modular player which supports a range of music formats through plugins. Recording and Shout/Ice-cast broadcasting is also provided. A system GUI is provided along with a customisable minuture dock (widget/gadget) facility and XML driven skinnable interface. TuneNet a is free (and currently closed source) piece software which was written from the ground up by Paul Heams in 2004.


* Plays MP3's and MP3 Shoutcast streams.
* Integrates with IBrowse and AWeb.
* Playlist.
* Built in Internet Stream Searching facility.
* Drag and Drop with recursive loading.
* Sound Level display.
* Station and current tune display.
* Reaction GUI and OS4 native
* Plugin Support (Players).
* HD Save for Streams.
* IDV3.2 tag support.
* Docky Skinable Interface
* Search / Sorting and Editing facilities.
* Different Playing Facilities (XFade, Gapless Play etc..)
* Sub Song Support
* On the fly resampling / multi-mixing.
* Encoder support and Shoutcast compatible Broadcasting.
* Extended M3U playlist support + Station saving within playlists.

Thanks To

* Russell Glover for the Docky Graphics and ideas.
* Tomaz Kid, Red Melons and Sascha Pfalz for all the testing.
* The Frieden Brothers - for all the hardwork on OS4 and PThreads library.
* The AmigaWorld crew for their testing, feedback and comments.
* The Internet for allowing all this to happen!
* Juha Niemimaki for his AHXPlay Library (The first test plugin).
* klesterjr and Herewegoagain for the Icons.
* Original PTPlay sources for the PT plugin by Ronald Hof, Timm S. Mueller and Per Johansson
* My wife, for her understanding!

Latest News

The latest release has been uploaded to OS4 Depot, it will be available shortly.

What's upcoming? Apart from the usual fix of bugs TuneNet's audio quality has been upped a notch with new resampling routines. Also a set of DSP filters have been implemented which will allow sound equalisation in the near future. Stay tuned!

The MP3Cast plugin has been updated from that of the OS4.1 update release. You can find the experimental plugin (V1.17), which features true Gapless playback for iTunes, Amazon and other MP3 varieties, on the downloads page (at the bottom)

TuneNet 0.92 has been officially released!

You will find this new update sitting on the OS4.1 update CD!. Some noteworth features of this release include:

  • Better program stability
  • IDV3 album image support
  • Tune change notification support
  • Better handling of tune information (improved API for plugin developers)
  • New MP3Cast plugin with louder, clearer MP3 playback (requires an mpega library)
  • Easy access to CD tracks
  • Better handling / recovery of Audio playback in high CPU situations
  • Improved Reaction interface
  • Better stream reconnection handling
  • An updated OGG Vorbis plugin as standard
  • New minimal mode (audio multiview look-a-like)

  • To download please find the OS update at www.hyperion-entertainment.biz. A local version will be available at a later date.

    Additional screenshots can be found here. Enjoy!

    Currently TuneNet is in development, with this site hosting information and downloads for the latest alpha builds.
    The last semi stable, but very old, OS4depot release can be found on OS4depot (click the link to download).