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TuneNet exe's, Plugins, SkinFX and Docky skins:

Main Binaries

DateDescriptionVersionDownload / Link
14 Mar 2010Latest Beta
Public Release Version

Full Package
(Available shortly from OS4 Depot - Check the version number!)
Jan 2010OS4.1.1 Update Release
Public Stable Version

Full Package
Can be found on your OS4.1.1 update CD

3rd Party Codec Plugin Links (Version 0.76a+)

Type / DescriptionAuthorLink
AAC Curtis Holborn tuneaac_plug.lha
Flac Curtis Holborn tuneflac_plug.lha
Midi Curtis Holborn tunemidi_plug.lha
Sid (C64) Curtis Holborn tunesid_plug.lha
WMA Curtis Holborn tunewma_plug.lha
HVL Curtis Holborn tunehvl_plug.lha
TTA Curtis Holborn tunetta_plug.lha
VTX Curtis Holborn tunevtx_plug.lha
GME Curtis Holborn tunegme_plug.lha
MPC Curtis Holborn tunempc_plug.lha
!Experimental Release 1.6!
Chris Young & Paul Heams tn_datatypes1_6.lha
25 Module Type Players (XM, S3M, FC, AHX...) Per Johansson tunemod-plug.lha
OGG Vorbis Paul Heams tuneogg-plug.lha
Lame Encode (MP3 like)
Paul Heams tunemp3_encode
Gapless MP3Cast plugin
! V1.19 Experimental !
Paul Heams MP3Cast-Experimental-1.19.lha

OS4 Libraries - Easy install

Type / DescriptionAuthorLink
mpega.library for OS4, MOS, PUP and 68K

This is the same as the OS4 Depot release, but includes an easy install script for OS4. Full source included.

NOTE:This library is not required to run or use TuneNet.
LibMad Team & Sigbj°rn SkjŠret, Stephan Rupprecht, Jarmo Laakkonen, Robert Leslie mpega.library

Docky Skins (Version 0.70a+)

Default Skin - Default Russell Glover Included within the TuneNet archive
Expensive PEB
AmiPals Paul Laycock
Calculator Simone Bevilacqua tunenet-calculator.lha
iPod Nano Joakim Nordstr÷m ipodnanotunenetskin.lha

SkinFX Skins (Version 0.86.32+)

Default Skin - "TuneNet Alpha" Russell Glover Included within the TuneNet archive
aPhone Mason aPhone
ANR Conversions File #1

Contains nothing more than some simple XML files which can be used
with some original ANR skin archives (not included)

"ANRG3PP_rec", "CogWheel" and "ProtonRIPOFF".
Respective ANR skin designers

see the AmiNet Radio Skin page for main downloads
DMS - WinAmp 5 Skin Conversion by Curtis Holborn DMSskin.lha
iTuneNet Creation / Conversion by Curtis Holborn itunenetskin.lha
Shield - WinAmp 5 Skin Conversion by Curtis Holborn shieldskin.lha
Sony Skin - WinAmp 3 Skin Conversion by Curtis Holborn sonyskin.lha


Please note that TuneNet is entirely my own work and is copyrighted to me. I cannot, and will not be held responsible for any 3rd party plugin that may appear to break any type of Licence agreement or copyright.

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