TuneNet in 2009   

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TuneNet OS4.1 - upcoming

So I've taken a bit of a break over the last few years, not just from TuneNet, but also from computing in general (excluding my day job that is). Instead my little free time in the evenings was taken up with my new found interest in console gaming (Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid and Warhawk all stand out amongst many others)!

But that's all taken a back seat as ripples in the Amiga Scene got me interested again. Inevitably I got back into programming TuneNet and I started to patch up some of the source to get it releasable again. Mid year I released new test versions, but it became blindingly obvious that if I didn't tackle major issues within the core of TuneNet it wouldn't progress at a very fast rate. Timing, audio playback, limits in the plugin API and general stability were at the top of my list of things to resolve. So pen to paper I documented what was needed to be done in order to resolve these issues, and then I set about re-writing large chunks of core code.

The first outing for this rewrite will be in a form of a software contribution to the upcoming OS4.1 update. The focus for this release is clearly centered on stability (famous last words!), but there are also a few new features for your enjoyment.

  • Better program stability
  • IDV3 album image support
  • Tune change notification support
  • Better handling of tune information (improved API for plugin developers)
  • New MP3Cast plugin with louder, clearer MP3 playback *
  • Easy access to CD tracks
  • Better handling / recovery of Audio playback in high CPU situations
  • Improved Reaction interface
  • Better stream reconnection handling
  • An updated OGG Vorbis plugin as standard
  • New minimal mode (audio multiview look-a-like)

  • New Images from the Reaction OS4.1 interface - Quick Peek

    NOTE: The GUI theme shown below does not represent the standard OS4.1 theme

    Standard Playlist View


    Album and Basic Tune Information


    Radio List and Tune Change Notification


    * requires a compatible mp3 library